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Hey everyone. It’s been a long time since I made an update on the blog. I’ve been busy with the holidays and the generality of life. Things like this blog have been sitting in the back burner. Now this doesn’t mean I haven’t been making improvements to the home, my wife and I have kept very busy and have started several new projects.

I’ll keep this post short and mention that we started our very first garden bed. I bought some wood from home depot and made a basic bed which I filled with soil. It actually has quite a few plants growing in it right now and I’ve even harvested some veggies to make tasty dishes. I’ll post pictures of the garden later on, for now I’ll talk about the garden bed that I made.

I purchased some pine wood boards from my local hardware store and measured it out to have enough wood to make one 5 by 5 foot garden bed.



















I used a skillsaw to cut the pieces which I would later assemble using nails and extra wooden blocks that I made. I measured out the wood and simply used the skill saw to make cuts into the board.

Using the skill saw took a little more effort than I expected. The wood was quite dense and the skill saw lost power as I cut through it. I had to allow the saw to ‘rest’ as I attempted to cut all the way through the board. Eventually it did go through.




I also used some of the wood to cut up some ‘blocks’.








These blocks were used to hold the four boards together with nails. I decided to use these blocks instead of directly nailing the boards because it creates a larger frame and in my opinion looks better.

I’ll finish the rest of this post later, wordpress is giving me an http error when trying to load the new pictures so this will have to wait.

Until next time! Cheers!


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